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Tap tap. On-street parking booked:Stop cruising for parking. Start saving time, fuel and money.
Reserve spots:
Parkfinder works with special on-street parking spots that are numbered and have "reserved" signs.
Book spots:
With Parkfinder, you can book any available parking spot with just a couple of taps in your phone.
Always lucky:
You will never cruise again for parking. If all on-street spots have been booked, we will guide you to the nearest car park.
Save money:
No cruising for parking means less fuel consumed and more money in your pocket. Pay as-you-go. Get charged only for the exact time you occupy a spot. There is no need to estimate the duration of your stay. And you don't have to go back to a meter to add more coins.
No more fines:
Time-limit alarm messageDirections to your vehicleCheckout in one tap
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